January 24, 2020 2 min read

Happy New Year! We know that sounds a bit late but bear with us…

Chinese New Year falls on the 25th January this year based on the new moon that comes late in the month (we told you to bear with us). The date changes every year depending on the lunisolar Chinese calendar and each of the 12 animal zodiac signs lasts a year rather than a month.

2020 is the year of… The rat. Okay so that doesn’t sound glamorous, but the rat is the first of all the zodiac animals. There’s an old Chinese myth that says the Jade Emperor decided the order of the zodiac would be based on the sequence in which the animals arrived at his party. The rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride then as they arrived at the finish line, jumped off his back and arrived first. Clever rat.

In Chinese culture rats are also seen as a sign of wealth and surplus because they reproduce so quickly and are the yang in yin and yang representing the beginning of a new day.

One of the main traditions of Chinese New Year is the buying of new clothes and accessories. It’s literally new year, new you! Historically people would show off their new clothes when visiting friends on New Year’s Day as a way of showing respect. Chinese New Year (also known as The Spring Festival) is about saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. Forget past misfortunes and look to the new year for luck.

Pearls (you didn’t think we’d forget about those did you!) are associated with wisdom, prosperity, power and the moon in Chinese culture and are often seen in artwork depicting a pair of dragons chasing a flaming pearl.

Well… if it’s about celebrating the new and bringing you luck then something luminescent is just the ticket. Shop Olivia & Pearl this Chinese New Year and receive 10% off your order using code CNY10.

We think the rat would approve!

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