Pearls are a gift from nature; elegant timeless and alluring. They are a symbol of feminine purity, evoking Aphrodite the goddess of love who was born from the sea shell.

Olivia & Pearl was born to reinvent the pearl into a modern day icon and redefine what it means to wear pearls today. Olivia designs pearls for the modern woman with new ideals, created with care to suit our customer’s natural beauty and contemporary style.

Inspired by women past and present who break the rules and fight for what they believe in.

These are our women, our inspiration and our drive.

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We create contemporary pearl jewellery that feels elegant and celebrates the individual personalities and power of the everyday woman. By cutting out the middle man and sourcing directly from suppliers we offer the highest quality pearls and gemstones set in sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold at an affordable price and bring beautiful pearl jewellery to a new generation of pearl lovers.


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