Pearls aren’t a classic for no reason. I mean, they’re the world’s oldest gem! Over the centuries, they’ve been seen as a sign of purity, as a way to ward of danger and as the ultimate status symbol. Move over Hermes Birkins…


The original girl boss, Cleopatra even crushed a pearl into a wine glass to prove to Marc Anthony she was capable of throwing the most expensive dinner in history!

“I will not be triumphed over”


marilyn monroe

More recently they’ve been worn by Marilyn, Coco Chanel and Jackie Kennedy and are now a regular sight on the frow.

“All of us are stars and we deserve to twinkle”

Marilyn monroe


But all classics need a little reinvention along the way and Olivia & Pearl was created to do just that. We design jewellery for independent, bright, sparky and ambitious women with their own individual styles who wear everything in their own way.

Come and take a look… 

“The best weapon a woman can have....is courage”

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