February 15, 2018 2 min read

Hello you…

When you have a story, they say you should start at the beginning if you don't know where to start, so here goes…

It feels like it was written in the stars that I was going to set up my own company. I grew up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and can remember washing cars and running coffee stands as tiny little businesses when I was younger.


Thankfully, I inherited that entrepreneurial brain as during my school years I was more interested in stirring up mischief and hanging out with my friends than blackboards and algebra. Those very same friendships are the bedrock of my life today and are worth more than any qualification you can throw at me.  

I left school with a love of theatre, drama, music, dance and sport and headed straight for the bright lights of London. Where else would a girl go?

👇21 year old me loving life in London.



London was incredible, and I took it all in whilst cutting my teeth in tech PR, advertising and fashion jobs and making the most of the London music and arts scene. But I couldn't quite shake my true ambition and decided to follow my heart to New York to pursue my true love - acting. NYC was brighter and brasher than London and I was determined to soak up every starlit corner of it. I studied there for 3 years (moonlighting as a coat check girl by night, a true out of work actor cliché) and fell in love with a city for the first time.

But… My heart kept pulling me back to the idea of setting up my own business. I craved autonomy and being in control of my dreams. Acting had brought out a love of story telling, character study and deepened my curiosity for life, so pearls, gemstones & jewellery seemed like a perfect match as we wear these little adornments to help tell the story of our lives.

Olivia & Pearl is a manifestation of everything I’ve done, learnt and failed at. I want to take that further and collaborate with women from all walks of life to bring you inspirational stories about travel, lifestyle, nature, staying curious, celebrating life and just being a bad ass woman.

It’s strange writing about yourself. I started this trying to pinpoint exactly who I am on this exact day but then I realised that although I know why I’m here and what I’m doing there are a lot of days when I am totally winging it.

I’m juggling, balancing, spinning, dropping and weaving my way through this adventure and loving it. Welcome aboard!

Olivia x

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