January 29, 2018 2 min read

There are few words that strike dread into the heart of even the sassiest of women. No, they’re not a sign saying ‘sold out’ at a Jimmy Choo sale. They are in fact Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or attached the 14th of February can feel overwhelming so we’re here to make it easy as pie…

First up may we suggest that you politely nudge your significant other over to us and we’ll do the rest, create an Olivia & Pearl online wishlist and email it to your partner to make sure you’ll receive something you truly love. Sometimes you’ve got to give them a little nudge. Plus, they will receive 15% off for Valentine’s Day so there’s no excuse!

Now then, gents welcome to our showroom… We’re here to help you find the ultimate Valentine for your… Valentine!


Love is all around us: Aphrodite is the literal goddess of love, this bad ass lady was the original girl boss so if your girl likes bold statements our Aphrodite Earring can dial up day time wear or be worn as a bold stand-alone piece in the evening. But if you’re after something that’s the perfect mix of classic and modern style the Aphrodite Pendant is flawless and a keepsake of a piece.


Don’t be scared: There’s a stigma around buying women rings because of what they symbolize. But at Olivia & Pearl we’re always been a little daring. The Power Pearl Ring is a thing of simple beauty and something to be worn every day. It’s just the thing to show that special someone you’re serious.

Classic chic: If your partner likes true classics, then may we suggest the Graduated Pearl Necklace? We’ve reinvented the classic pearl necklace for the modern world making it a must have for all pearl lovers.

Valentine’s Day can feel exclusive and only to be celebrated if you’re part of a couple. We don’t think that’s fair on a day that’s supposed to be a celebration of love of all kinds, so we’ve rounded up some ideas for the people in your life... or maybe something for you?

I love you girl: Show someone you love how much they mean to you with our Believer Ear Jacket Earrings. They’re perfect for any age and are such a beautiful way to show how proud you are of them for everything they’ve achieved.

The OG’s: We just love our Petite Power Pearl Earring Studs. They’re a stunning, subtle present for the women who’ve inspired and supported you. We love the idea of giving our mum a present on Valentine’s Day!

You do you: Treat yourself to some sparkle with our Signature Cuff Bangle or go for something a little more daring with our Hope Ear Climbers. We just know you’ll love them.

There’s a saying that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have and we really believe that. Sometimes buying yourself a treat can be so special.

As U.F. Shah so rightly says: “Love yourself so fiercely that no one dare love you half-heartedly.”

Preach sister.


Olivia x

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