All you need to know about earring styles, from classic studs to dramatic drop earrings, hoops, huggies and climbers.

These are not your grandmother’s pearl earrings – pearls are breaking out of their shell. Learn how to curate a dramatic ear with the full range of today’s most eye-catching earring styles.


Classic studs are the most basic earring style. Most studs have a single gemstone (or small cluster) lying snugly against the earlobe. 

O&P Style tip: Studs are a classic everyday earring for minimalist jewellery lovers – or a versatile accent in a dramatic ear stack, from lower lobe to upper lobe, higher lobe or helix.


Drop earrings hang just below the earlobe or dangle daringly down towards your shoulders. Drop earrings often swing gently from a stud or hook top, so the metal or gemstones catch the light.

O&P Style tip: Modern drops swing seductively, with long ‘barely there’ chains and one eye-catching gem or pearl. Drop earrings add femme energy to a conventional stack of hoops and studs.


Hoop earrings encircle the ear from the front of the earlobe to the back. Ever-so-versatile hoops are always in style, for work or evening, whether small and delicate, bold and chunky, embellished with gems or outrageously super-sized. 

O&P Style tip: Hoops are a staple of the chic curated stack, from lobe to helix. We’re loving the trend of side-by-side hoops, alternating rose gold and yellow gold. 


Huggie earrings are small, chunky hoops that ‘hug’ the earlobe from front to back. A lever helps the curved back click into place – smooth, practical and tidy.

O&P Style tip: Huggies are de rigueur for the smart curated stack. Play – and create your own display. Double them up, in matching or contrasting metals, or alternate huggies with hoops or studs, tapering up to the helix. Add embellished huggies or a pretty charm. 


Climber earrings are basically a stud earring with an extended front, so a trail of gems or metal ‘climbs’ up the ear, for added visual interest.


O&P Style tip: Climbers are a smart choice for people without multiple piercings who want to up their ear game.


18ct rose gold vermeil on sterling silver earring climber with 6.5mm pearl and pave moonstone star burst climber.

We use cultured or farmed pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels that we carefully select for our pieces. Pearls are sensitive in nature, so don’t forget to treat them with love.

Make sure they are the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you take off when you come home. Avoid direct contact with chemicals found in perfume or other cosmetics.

18k Gold Vermeil

Pronounced “ver-may.” Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our gold vermeil is 18k gold that is a minimum of 2.5 microns thick, and layered over sterling silver – it’s the best!


Remove your jewellery before exercising, washing your hands or showering. Always apply perfumes, creams and hair care products before wearing. To clean, buff gently with a dry cloth. and store in your Olivia & Pearl box, pouch or jewellery box. 

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